My Compositing Reel (Student - 2012)

This reel consists of the works I did as a student at Seneca College, Toronto. Feedback Welcome. Thanks for Watching.
Softwares Used - Nuke(Mostly), After Effects, Photoshop, Syntheyes, Autodesk Maya.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Is Houdini 12 going to be a Maya killer?


Side Effects software’s Houdini v12 is being pitched as a game changer for the current VFX pipeline. Already being preferred over Maya for ‘breaking stuff’, Houdini’s procedural approach is huge amongst hardcore VFX artists.

The only reason Id prefer breaking stuff in Maya over Houdini is because of Houdini’s too technical/too exposed workflow. But with the new instalment that is set too change.

The new version of Houdini comes with a New Geometry Engine, The Bullet Solver and Pyro FX 2.0. Also it will support multi-threaded systems which is gonna be a huge jump from its current standing. A better interface and a speedy workflow poses a big threat to its direct competitor – Autodesk Maya 2012.

The beta is set to be released in October this year but till then here’s a teaser -

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