My Compositing Reel (Student - 2012)

This reel consists of the works I did as a student at Seneca College, Toronto. Feedback Welcome. Thanks for Watching.
Softwares Used - Nuke(Mostly), After Effects, Photoshop, Syntheyes, Autodesk Maya.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Hey Guys,

I know its been a loooong time Ive made a blog post, but I've been busy with work and then moving from Montreal to Toronto for the last few weeks. I've finally made the move and almost settled in the new place, here in downtown Toronto. I'll soon be making a big post on the 'Best VFX Studios to work at' around the world.

So I finished work at Modus FX, Montreal as a Tracker and just joined Soho VFX here in Toronto as a compositor.
Stay Tuned.

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