My Compositing Reel (Student - 2012)

This reel consists of the works I did as a student at Seneca College, Toronto. Feedback Welcome. Thanks for Watching.
Softwares Used - Nuke(Mostly), After Effects, Photoshop, Syntheyes, Autodesk Maya.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Why texture when you can use materials?


Exactly, why would you waste time UV-ing your models and then texturing them when you can just use a photorealistic material instead. Im currently working on 1 FX shot where I have to make 10 cars float in the air. Now If I’d sit texturing each of them It’s gonna take me atleast a month(texturing alone)!

UV texturing

Now I know there are times when texturing is indispensable but most of the times you can get away with materials, mental ray materials. Now in this fx shot the no. plates are not visible neither can you you see the insides so Im just using the mental ray materials.

 Use Materials, Save Time!

mental ray material


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